Why Choose Us?

Buddy Kelley Properties, Inc. is synonymous with Henry County real estate. Because we have always lived and worked in this area, we believe that we can offer a higher level of expertise seldom found at other real estate firms. Our company remains small because we like it that way. And we believe you do, too. You can visit our office today and still find the company’s founder, Buddy Kelley, available to assist his clients just as he did over 35 years ago. It is that level of focused customer care and personal accessibility that sets Buddy Kelley Properties, Inc. apart from the crowd.

Considering our history in the area, Buddy Kelley Properties, Inc. often has the local hometown contacts necessary to accomplish your goals. Even though we are a small company, we employ all the service capabilities of a larger organization. To better serve our customers, we are members of Multiple Listing Services, which gives us access to every property on the market, and makes our own listings accessible to other agents. We offer our growing community the “small town” service that was the way we expected business to be in the past, but is hard to find today.

Ask your friends, family, and business associates who they would choose…they are likely to say Buddy Kelley Properties, Inc.